Maurel & Prom announces completion of its acquisition of drilling activities from Tuscany in Africa and the sale of all of its shares of Tuscany

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PARIS, Dec. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Establishments Maurel & Prom SA has, further to its press release disseminated on November 14, 2013, completed the acquisition of all of the shares of Caroil S

AS (excluding the South American business of Caroil) from Tuscany International Drilling Inc. (a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Toronto, Canada, TSX : TID) and has sold all of its 109,000,000 common shares of Tuscany to an entity incorporated in the Cayman Islands.  

In addition, Maurel & Prom has assumed US$50 million of debt from Tuscany pursuant to a credit agreement with Credit Suisse. As part of the transaction, Maurel & Prom expects to purchase two drilling rigs from Tuscany for aggregate consideration of US$23 million, of which US$15 million has already been paid.

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