Lappland Goldminers announces change of trading segment on First North

| Source: Lappland Goldminers AB
The Board of Lappland Goldminers has decided to change trading segment on the
Stockholm Stock Exchange market place, First North.
Lappland Goldminers applied for and was granted a corporate restructuring
process in the end of June this year and its shares are currently trading on
First North's so-called observation list. Given that the Group's only operation
consists of a gold production at Pahtavaara mine in Finland, the Board considers
that the higher accounting requirements, that a listing in the Premier segment
on the First North list incurs at present, can not be justified. Based on that,
along with an implemented cost reduction program, the Board has decided that the
trading in the Company's shares from January 2nd, 2014 will take place at the
regular First North marketplace. Please note that there are no changes in terms
of order entry, short name, ISIN code etc.

Lappland Goldminers AB (publ)

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Thomas Häggkvist, acting VD/CFO                                      Sven
Rasmusson, chairman of the Board

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Lappland Goldminers AB is a producing mining company. The Company is listed on
the market place First North in Sweden under the name GOLD.

Lappland Goldminers’ strategy is to develop mineral deposits into producing
mines. The Company is strategically positioned with the fully permitted
Fäboliden gold project in northern Sweden. The Pahtavaara gold operation is
located in the north of Finland. Lappland Goldminers is a member of SveMin, the
Swedish association for mines, minerals and metal producers, and follows
SveMin’s reporting rules for public mining and exploration companies.