Number of shares and votes in Sweco after conversion

| Source: SWECO AB
At the request of a shareholder, 6,000 class A shares have been converted to
class B shares during December 2013 with the support of the conversion clause in
the Articles of Association. As per 30 December 2013 the total number of votes
amounts to 17,586,812.3, of which the class A shares correspond to 9,372,364
votes and the class B shares to 8,214,448.3 votes. The total number of shares is
91,516,847, of which 9,372,364 are of class A and 82,144,483 are of class B. The
share capital amounts to SEK 91,516,847.

On the date of publication of this information, Sweco holds 398,965 class B
shares in treasury. However, Sweco has no voting rights for the class B treasury
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Lisa Lagerwall, General Counsel at Sweco, +46 8 695 66 16,
Sweco is an international consulting group with combined expertise in consulting
engineering, environmental technology and architecture. Sweco has annual sales
of approximately SEK 8.8 billion and 9,000 employees in 12 countries. The
company has projects currently underway in some 80 countries worldwide. Sweco is
listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB.

Sweco discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities
Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was
submitted for publication on 30 December 2013, at 08:30 CET.