Amount of voting rights in Invalda LT, AB

| Source: Invalda LT

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013-12-30 15:15 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Invalda LT settled for treasury shares and acquired 193,701 units of shares (0.78 % of share capital) for the amount of EUR 0.678 million (LTL 2.341 million) during the share buy-back procedure, which took place from 16 December 2013 till 20 December. The company paid EUR 3.5 (LTL 12.08) for one share.

Authorised capital of the company is LTL 24,883,551, it is divided into 24,883,551 ordinary registered shares with nominal value LTL 1 each. Given the fact that the treasury shares do not grant voting rights, the total amount of voting rights in Invalda LT, AB (ISIN LT0000102279) equals to 22,797,297 units.

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