Issue of new treasury shares of Biotie Therapies Corp without consideration

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BIOTIE THERAPIES CORP.                  Stock Exchange Release
 January 3, 2014 at 9.00 am

Issue of new treasury shares of Biotie Therapies Corp without consideration

Pursuant to the authorization of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held
on 4 April 2013, the Board of Directors of Biotie Therapies Corp. has resolved
to issue 3,321,660 shares ("Treasury Shares") to the Company itself without
consideration in accordance with Chapter 9 Section 20 of the Finnish Companies
Act (624/2006, as amended). The Treasury Shares are issued for the purposes of
being conveyed to employees entitled to them pursuant to the terms and
conditions of the Stock Option Plan 2011 and the Equity Incentive Plan 2011
("Plans"). The Treasury Shares are of the same class as the existing shares in
the Company.

The Treasury Shares will be registered without delay so that the Treasury Shares
will be entered into the Finnish Trade Register on or about 8 January 2014. An
application will be filed for registration of the Treasury Shares in the book-
entry system maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd, and to apply for listing of
the Treasury Shares in NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd after the Treasury Shares have
been registered.

After the registration of the Treasury Shares with the Finnish Trade Register,
Biotie will have 456,032,398 shares in total of which 446,213,948 will be
outstanding shares. Should all the Treasury Shares issued be conveyed to
employees pursuant to the Plans, then this will represent a 0.74 per cent of the
current outstanding shares. The total number of the Company's shares after the
share issue held by the Company or its fully owned subsidiary is 9,818,450
shares (2.15 per cent).

It is expected that under the terms of the Plans the Treasury Shares will be
conveyed to employees at a number of times during the period January 2014 to
February 2015. The Company will publish releases on conveyance of shares
separately when necessary.

Turku, 3 January 2014

Biotie Therapies Corp.
Timo Veromaa, President and CEO

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