Convening the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of AB Klaipėdos Baldai

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Following the decision of the board of 2014-01-03 of AB Klaipėdos Baldai (legal entity code 140656052, registered address Klaipėda city municipality, Klaipėda city, Joniškės g. 21, registered in the Register of Legal Entities (hereinafter referred to as the Company), the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders is being convened.

The date, time and place of the extraordinary meeting of the Company’s shareholders: 30 January 2014 (date) at 11.00am (time) in the Company's headquarters at Joniškės g. 21, Klaipėda. Registration of shareholders starts at 10.00am (time).

Only the persons who are the shareholders of the Company at the end of the accounting date of the extraordinary general meeting of the Company’s shareholders on 23 January 2014 (date) shall have the right to attend the extraordinary general meeting of the Company’s shareholders.

Agenda of the Meeting:

1. Regarding the Company's stock delisting from the supplementary list of AB NASDAQ OMX Vilnius stock exchange and suspension of public offer of  the Company's shares.

2. Regarding the person submitting the mandatory official offer.

The Company does not offer the shareholders to attend the meeting by electronic means of communication.

The agenda of the meeting may be amended by the supervisory board, the board or by the shareholders who hold at least 1/20 of votes carried by shares. Along with the offer, the shareholders are required submit to the Company draft resolutions on the proposed issues of their gender or, when it is not mandatory to adopt resolutions, explanatory notes on each proposed issue of the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders. The proposal to amend the agenda of the meeting must be submitted in writing by registered mail to the Company's registered address. The agenda of the meeting shall be supplemented where the proposal is received no later than 14 days before the date of the general meeting of shareholders.

The shareholders holding the shares to at least 1/20 of all votes have the right to propose new draft decisions on the issues included to the agenda of the meeting, to propose additional candidates to the members of the management bodies of the Company, and the audit firm. The proposed draft decisions must be made ​​in writing by sending them by registered mail at the above mentioned Company's address.

The shareholders also have the right to propose draft resolutions on the issues of the agenda of the meeting during the meeting.

The shareholders have the right to submit questions to the Company related to the agenda items, in writing, stating in the letter the shareholder's personal ID number and sending these questions by registered mail. The Company undertakes to answer if the questions are received no later than 3 working days before the general meeting of shareholders.

The shareholder or a person authorised to participate in the meeting and entitled to vote in it, is required to furnish the ID document.

Each shareholder to have the right according to the laws to authorize another person (natural or legal person) to attend the meeting and vote on behalf of that shareholder.

At the meeting, the representative shall have the same rights as the shareholder represented, unless the representative is issued a power of attorney or where the law limits the mandate rights. The authorized person must provide the power of attorney confirmed according to the laws. A power of attorney issued abroad must be translated into Lithuanian and legalized in the manner prescribed by law.

A shareholder or his authorised person may vote in advance in writing by filling in a general ballot paper. If a shareholder wishes, the Company no later than in 10 days before the meeting, shall send the ballot paper by registered mail free of charge. The completed ballot paper and the document confirming the right to vote must be submitted to the Company in writing, no later than on the last working day before the meeting, by sending them at the above mentioned Company's address by registered mail.

The shareholders may be given access to the documents regarding the convening of the meeting and its agenda, draft decisions of each item of the agenda, the documents to be submitted to the meeting, the voting ballot form and other information related to the implementation of the shareholder’s rights, at the headquarters of AB Klaipėdos Baldai at Joniškės g. 21, Klaipėda and partially on the Company's web page at Information by telephone: 370 46 313935.


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