CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AM Conservation Group (AMCG) announced today that it has acquired the energy and water conservation products division from its longtime former competitor Niagara Conservation, Inc., uniting forces to provide the broadest and most competitive product line in the industry. Niagara Conservation, Inc. will continue to operate their high-efficiency toilet business division.

"We are a long standing industry provider of energy and water conservation products and services and believe there are many synergies to be gained by uniting our two great companies," said Todd Recknagel, CEO of AM Conservation Group. "For over three decades, Niagara has been known as a strong water conservation company and we are excited to gain access to offering their exceptional water and energy conservation product line, enabling us to market the best products from both companies."

According to Recknagel, Niagara decided to sell off a portion of its business after meeting with AMCG's ownership. He said the Niagara Conservation owners felt it made "perfect sense" to combine forces in serving the utility company and governmental agency markets to become the undisputed industry leader.

The combination of the two companies allows customers to choose the best product option selection from both brands, as well as give the newly formed entity the future ability to ship both AMCG and Niagara Conservation branded products from the west and east coasts, allowing more efficient and faster shipping.

AM Conservation Group started in 1989 and quickly became known as a full service source for high quality, competitively priced water and energy saving products. Over the years, AMCG has supplied products and services for some of the largest and most comprehensive conservation programs in U.S. history.

Originally founded in New Jersey in 1977, the now Fort Worth, Texas based Niagara Conservation has earned a solid reputation for delivering water and energy conservation products that maximize efficiency while still maintaining optimal performance. The Niagara Conservation owners will continue to build the high-efficiency, toilet-related business and focus their energies on growing that market.

As part of the acquisition, AM Conservation Group will bring many key Niagara Conservation employees to its team and has already taken steps to integrate them into their company and culture.

"We felt there were many strong synergies to be gained by providing AM Conservation Group with the rights to produce and distribute Niagara branded products," said Niagara Conservation Founder and President William Cutler. "Customers will benefit tremendously as the newly expanded AM Conservation Group team will now be the premier provider for energy and water efficiency products, services, and programs."

About AM Conservation Group, Inc.

Established in 1989, AM Conservation Group, Inc. is the leading expert in energy and water efficiency solutions designed to provide maximum value for a client's investment. Since its inception, the company has facilitated some of the largest and most effective energy preservation programs in U.S. history with utility companies, program managers and government agencies. AM Conservation's underlying mission is to increase the number of energy and water conservation programs on a nation-wide scale. Founded on principles of customer service, AM Conservation provides its clients with personalized conservation services or programs tailored to meet their individual needs. To support the numerous programs and services upheld by AM Conservation, the company specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of over 700 professional-grade products for the conservation industry, ranging from energy efficient LED light bulbs to custom-designed, water saving showerheads. For more information, visit

About Niagara Conversation

With a history of more than 35 years of quality and innovation, Niagara Conservation has earned a reputation as a premier manufacturer of high-efficiency water and energy conservation products. Niagara is a leading developer of conservation solutions for plumbing professionals, utility companies, government leaders, energy management officials and environmentally conscious consumers. Founder and President William Cutler established Niagara in 1977. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, the company has satellite offices around the world.

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