Notice from Trifork Holding AG of mandatory takeover offer in Trifork A/S

Message No. 01/2014

| Source: Trifork A/S

Aarhus, 2014-01-08 11:06 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pursuant to Section 4 of the Danish Executive Order No. 221 of March 10, 2010 on takeovers, Trifork Holding AG hereby announces that Trifork Holding AG holds DKK nominally 12,035,826 shares in Trifork A/S equivalent to 66.87% of the shares and votes in Trifork A/S.

The shares in Trifork A/S were injected as contribution in kind in connection with the founding of Trifork Holding AG on January 8, 2014. Trifork Holding AG has been founded by a group of existing shareholders in Trifork A/S, which includes, among others, two of Trifork A/S’ board members (Johan Blach Petersen and Jeppe Opstrup), Trifork’s CEO (Jørn Larsen), CFO (Kristian Wulf-Andersen) and CTO (Kresten Krab Thorup).

Holding this amount of shares, Trifork Holding AG is required to make a mandatory takeover offer to the remaining shareholders of Trifork A/S within 4 weeks.

Trifork Holding AG intends to offer the remaining shareholders of Trifork an opportunity to become a shareholder in Trifork Holding AG by issuing an offer to swap one share in Trifork Holding AG for each one share in Trifork A/S or selling their Trifork shares to Trifork Holding AG for cash (DKK 13.6 per Trifork share of DKK 1).

In addition to the shares owned directly by Trifork Holding AG, Trifork Holding AG has received irrevocable commitments to tender Trifork shares for new shares in Trifork Holding AG from a large group of shareholders representing 13.91% of the shares and votes in Trifork A/S. The shares will be tendered in relation to the takeover offer that Trifork Holding AG will publish within 4 weeks, as soon as approved by the Danish FSA.

Including commitments Trifork Holding AG will control (directly and indirectly) 80.78% of the shares and votes in Trifork A/S.

If, following completion of the takeover offer, Trifork Holding holds more than 90% of the shares and votes, Trifork Holding AG intends to make a compulsory takeover of the remaining shares and apply for a delisting of Trifork A/S.

January 8, 2014

Trifork Holding AG