Restamax Plc: Restamax Plc and Hans Välimäki launch their co-operation

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STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 9 January 2014, 10:00

Restamax Plc and Hans Välimäki launch their co-operation

Restamax and Hans Välimäki Oy have launched a joint venture called Gastromax Oy.
 Restamax  owns 70 per cent and Hans Välimäki Oy 30 per cent of the new company.
The  joint venture has purchased the Midhill restaurants located in Helsinki and
Tampere  amusement  parks,  previously  owned  by  Hans Välimäki through various
companies, and also the operations of two other restaurants.

The  combined selling price  of the businesses  is EUR 1,200,000, EUR 570,000 of
which  will be paid  at the time  of purchase, and  the remaining EUR 630,000 in
instalments by 30 September 2015. The estimated annual turnover of the purchased
businesses is approximately EUR 4 million and the EBITDA is approximately 10 per

The  businesses will  be transferred  to the  ownership of  the buyer during the
first quarter of 2014.

In  connection  with  the  business  transaction,  it  has been agreed that Hans
Välimäki Oy will continue to act as a consultant to the purchased businesses and
contribute to Restamax's dining concept.

With  this business transaction, Restamax gains excellent new business locations
and  also broadens its operations with the Midhill concept located in two of the
largest amusement parks in Finland: Linnanmäki and Särkänniemi.

Markku   Virtanen,   CEO  of  Restamax  Plc,  comments  on  the  transaction  as
follows: "Our  history  with  Hans  Välimäki  goes  back  years, and we are very
excited to launch our co-operation. Hans has the vision and expertise to come up
with  new  ideas  and  possibilities  that  will  allow  us  to  further develop
Restamax's dining concept."

For additional information, please contact:

Markku Virtanen, CEO, tel. +358-400 836 477

Timo Laine, Chairman of the Board, tel. +358-400 626 064



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Restamax  Plc is a Finnish restaurant group established in 1996. The company has
grown  rapidly throughout  its operating  history. The  group operates circa 60
restaurants,  bars  and  night  clubs  across  Finland. The company's well-known
restaurant  concepts include Ristorante Bella Roma, Gringos Locos, Viihdemaailma
Ilona,  Daddy's Diner and Stefan's Steakhouse. Wayne's  Coffee is also a part of
the  company's portfolio. Restamax Plc has  circa 700 employees and the turnover
for  2012 amounted to approximately  EUR 60 million and  EBITDA to approximately
EUR 10 million.