Divestment of loans and shares and write-down of loans in respect of Perimeter Protection

| Source: Gunnebo AB
The Gunnebo Group’s result in the fourth quarter 2013 will be burdened with a
total of 5 MEUR due to an assignment and a write-down of loans related to the
divestment of Perimeter Protection (“Perimeter”) to Procuritas Capital Investors
IV (“Procuritas”) carried out during 2011.
A financial reconstruction of Perimeter is carried out. Gunnebo has today
entered into an agreement with Procuritas regarding a divestment of loan
receivables against Perimeter in a nominal amount of 2 MEUR and Gunnebo’s
remaining shares in Perimeter (equal to 10 percent of the shares and votes). The
divestment takes place without remuneration. At the same time, Gunnebo entirely
writes down its remaining loan receivables against Perimeter in a nominal amount
of 3 MEUR. The shares in Perimeter have previously been entirely written down.

The total negative effect on the result amounts to 5 MEUR. It will be accounted
for as a financial cost.

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