SC Klaipedos Nafta transhipment results in December 2013

| Source: Klaipedos Nafta

The preliminary sales revenues of the Company during twelve months of 2013 comprise LTL 127.1 million (EUR 36.8 million) and are lower by 8.5 percent compared to the same period of 2012 (LTL 138.9 or EUR 40.2 million).  

The preliminary sales revenues for December 2013 amounts to LTL 11.1 million (EUR 3.2 million); or less by 33.1 percent less if compared to December 2012 (i.e. LTL 16.6 million or EUR 4.8 million).

During December 2013 the Company reloaded 379 thousand tons of oil products into its storage tanks, i.e. by 46.0 percent less than in December 2012 (702 thousand tons). The reduced transshipment was influenced mainly by two reasons: 1) the main client AB Orlen Lietuva reduced volume of oil products delivered in the terminal as the demand of oil products increased in Inland markets where the major part of products were directed to; and 2) due to decrease of fuel oil export from Mozyr Oil Refinery that was a result of about 40% lower crude supply to this refinery during October – December 2013.

During the year 2013 the Company reloaded 5.831 thousand tons of oil products into its storage tanks, or 5.815 thousand tons if calculating reloading into/from oil tankers. The transhipment during the year 2012 into storage tanks and oil tankers comprise 6.910 and 6.871 thousand tons respectively. The transhipment during the year 2013 compared to the year 2012 is lower by 15,6 and 15,4 percent respectively.


         Mantas Bartuška, Director of Finance and Administration Department, +370 46 391763