Appointment of Irina Olsson as Deputy CEO of Auriant Mining AB (publ.)

| Source: Auriant Mining AB

The Board of Directors of Auriant Mining AB (publ.) is pleased to announce the appointment of Irina Olsson as Deputy CEO for Auriant Mining AB. Irina, a Swedish national and Stockholm resident, was appointed on October 1st 2013 as Head of the Stockholm office of Auriant Mining AB. As of January 2014 in addition to her regular duties she will also be fulfilling the role of Deputy CEO.


For more information, please contact:

Preston Haskell, Chairman of the Board
Tel: +46 768 905 549

Max Yacoub, Chief Investment Officer
Tel: + 7 495 660 2220

Company name: Auriant Mining AB
Short name: AUR
ISIN-code: SE0001337213


Twitter: @auriantmining

Postal and visiting address: Tulegatan 2 A, SE-113 58



Auriant Mining AB (AUR is a Swedish junior mining company focused on gold exploration and production in Russia, primarily in Zabaikalye and the Republics of Khakassia and Tuva The company has currently four assets, including two operating mines (Tardan and Solcocon) and two early stage exploration assets, one of which, KaraBeldyr, is a joint venture with the major Canadian gold producer Centerra Gold. The group’s mineral licenses are estimated to contain almost 1,100,000 troy ounces of gold reserves according to Russian standards (GKZ).