Draft resolutions of the extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Invalda LT, AB

| Source: Invalda INVL

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014-01-14 15:08 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Board of Invalda LT, AB approved the draft resolutions of the extraordinary General Shareholders meeting to be held on 5 February 2014:

1. Regarding approval of preparation of the terms of split-off of Invalda LT, AB.

Draft resolution:

1.1. To approve preparation of the terms of split-off of Invalda LT, AB.
1.2. To authorize the Board to draw up the terms of split-off of Invalda LT, AB as well as to sign contracts necessary for the preparation and assessment of the said terms, and conduct other related actions.

Additional information:

The Board of Invalda LT, AB, one of the major Lithuanian investment companies, is seeking to receive delegation of Company’s shareholders to prepare split-off terms allowing the Company to concentrate on asset management business.

Upon the approval of the shareholders, three to four companies which manage homogeneous assets and which are planning to separate from Invalda LT, AB, will be applying for closed-end investment company licenses. It is assumed that they will be applying for the strictest regulatory regime which is imposed on retail investors.

This will be the first step reorganizing Invalda LT. It is expected that shareholders will give the permission to prepare the split-off terms and later will approve the proposed split-off terms. As it was announced earlier all the Invalda LT, AB shareholders (over 4.2 thousand), will proportionally own shares in the separated companies. All the shares of the newly established companies are planned to be quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Exchange.

Preliminarily the first few investment companies will operate in the agricultural land sector, real estate sector and IT sector. It is expected that after receiving their licenses all these companies will raise additional capital thus increasing the liquidity.

One of the main reasons to implement the reorganization is that the company's capitalization is usually lower than the total value of the separate assets because investors cannot predict sectors where investments will be made.

The reorganization will allow investors to select the asset or business in which they would like to invest. The investors will be able to select the risk level as well as the term of the investments. By licensing the activities and being under the supervision of the Bank of Lithuania, there will be an increase in transparency and reduction in investment risk.

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