Caverion and Borealis Polymers renew their partnership agreement

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Helsinki, 2014-01-15 09:00 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caverion Corporation                     Investor News                                  15 January 2014, at 10 a.m.


Caverion and Borealis Polymers renew their partnership agreement


Borealis Polymers Oy has selected Caverion to continue for another three years as its partner in the maintenance of the Kilpilahti production facilities. The agreement marks the continuation of the previous three-year contract period, and its scope covers the daily work of some 60 people in the fields of piping, steel frame, equipment, electricity and automation maintenance. The agreement does not involve the transfer of any personnel between the companies. It does, however, include an option to continue the partnership for a further two years.

Caverion Industria Ltd. is a leading provider of industrial services in Finland. The company has long-standing experience of maintenance partnerships with various branches of industry.

“The partnership agreement with Borealis is a very important one for Caverion. The work covered by the agreement will require additional personnel, particularly qualified welders. We are also proud of the fact that working in the facilities during operating times has become safe, thanks to systematic co-operation on this front. It has been eight years since the last accident that resulted in an absence,” says unit manager Olli Kelorita.

“Our renewal of this agreement with Caverion is an indication of our satisfaction with our maintenance co-operation so far. We also believe in Caverion’s capacity for further development as a producer of maintenance services in a demanding environment,” says Hannu Luoto, Plant Availability & Engineering Manager, Borealis Polymers Oy.


Further information:

Caverion Industria Ltd.: Sanna-Mari Laitinen, Communications Manager, tel. +358 50 390 4443,

Borealis Polymers Oy: Hannu Luoto, Plant Availability & Engineering Manager, tel. +358 50 379 4150,


Caverion designs, builds and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient building systems and offers industrial services. Our services are used in offices and retail properties, housing, public premises and industrial plants, among other places. We aim to be the number one building systems company in Europe. Our strengths include technological competence and customer-oriented service, covering all building systems throughout the life cycle of the property. Caverion was established through the demerger of building services and industrial services businesses from YIT Group in July 2013. Our revenue for 2012 amounted to approximately EUR 2.8 billion. Caverion has over 18,000 employees in 13 countries in Northern and Central Europe.


Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Borealis currently employs around 6,200 and operates in over 120 countries. It generated EUR 7.5 billion in sales revenue in 2012.


Borealis Polymers Oy

The Borealis site at Porvoo, Kilpilahti is the northernmost of the company’s production facilities. The Porvoo site is a fully integrated petrochemical complex comprising five plants.  These are olefins unit (ethylene, propylene and butadiene), phenol and aromatics plant (acetone, benzene and cumene) and also two plants for polyethylene and one for polypropylene.  Borealis Finland employs about 900 people.