IT – Unique Trade Identifier Update (UTI) (03/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities


All market participants must from February 12th 2014, to be EMIR compliant, report derivative trades to a Trade Repository, which centrally collects and maintains trade and position data. The EMIR Trade Repository includes a Unique Trade Identifier (UTI) that will be supported in clearing reports and the OMnet API.
As communicated in IT-Notice 100/13 the first phase in implementing UTI is modified reports containing the new fields “UTI” and “Action Type” but also a new report with additional EMIR Trade Repository information to go live February 10th.

As of today, the following reports will contain the new fields “UTI” and “Action Type” in External Test System 1:


  • Trades Report
  • Trade Exceptions
  • Interest Rate Trade
  • Trade Details OTC


The UTI and the Action Type fields in the Positions Non-Propagated report are delayed and will be included in the report during next week.

The new report is as of today available for download from EXT1.

  • EMIR Trade (contain additional EMIR Trade Repository information)

Members using Clearing Workstation 1 (CW1) are advised to renew the CW1 database with the –renewdb command due to production reference data migration to EXT1 that was performed January 14th. Please see Clearing Workstation installation guide for more information.

Please see our website for further information.

For members that is interested in delegating their EMIR Trade Repository reporting to NASDAQ OMX is welcome to contact Ave Sillard or by phone + 46 8 405 7676 for more information.


For questions or comments, please contact:

Technical Support

+46 8 405 6750