Clarifying information from the Board of Anoto regarding the decision by Nasdaq OMX Stockholm to halt the trading in the Anoto share

| Source: Anoto Group AB

Lund, January 16, 2014Yesterday, January 15, 2014, Nasdaq OMX Stockholm decided to halt the trading of the Anoto share with effect from 3:12pm CET until further notice. Nasdaq OMX Stockholm has explained to the Company that the reason behind the halt in trading is that the stock exchange suspects the existence of asymmetric information in the market, i.e. that trading is taking place based on information that is not available to the market participants in general. As a consequence of the decision by the stock exchange to halt the trading of the Anoto shares, the Board of Anoto makes the following clarifications: 


  • The Board has noticed the recently increased trading volumes and share prices in the Anoto share listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. In respect of the decision by Nasdaq OMX Stockholm to halt the trading in Anoto, the Board confirms that it is not aware of the existence of any asymmetric information in the market explaining the increased trading volumes and the recently increased share price.


  • However, the Board confirms that the Chairman of the Board of Anoto has recently been contacted by a partner of a larger law firm wanting to schedule a meeting between the Chairman of Anoto and a representative of a client, expressing an interest in Anoto. Further, the Board confirms (i) that the Board has not been informed about the name of the client that wants to meet with the Chairman; (ii) that no agenda for a meeting has been presented or discussed; and (iii) that no meeting has been scheduled and may or may not take place.


  • The Board also wants to clarify that it is not aware of any bids, firm or indicative, being made for the shares in the Company. The Board also confirms that there are no ongoing negotiations or discussions of any kind with any party that may lead to a bid for the shares in the Company.


  • Finally, in respect of recent market information about Anoto, the Board has noticed that two strategic investors, Antonio Mugica and Solid Technologies, recently have submitted information regarding disclosure of shareholdings.  According to the disclosures, Antonio Mugica holds 10.2 per cent. and Solid Technologies holds 14.4 per cent. of the total number of shares and votes in the Company. The shareholdings presented above also include all new shares in the Company following the recently closed rights issue in Anoto.


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The information in this press release is published pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act.  The information was submitted for publication on January 16, 2014.

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