Oakland, CA, Jan. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Easy, secure mobile printing remains elusive for many companies. But it's within reach -- at last -- thanks to the practical, factual information in a new ebook published by Breezy.

It's the first time anyone has compiled all of the facts, figures, and information needed to decide whether your company needs a secure mobile printing solution -- and if so, to build the business case for purchasing one now.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing includes reliable, actionable facts about:

  • The Consumerization of IT
  • What the Analysts Say
  • Who Needs Mobile Printing?
  • Employee Behavior: The Weakest Link
  • Types of Mobile Printing Solutions
  • How to Protect Company Data
  • Mobile Printing Compliance Issues
  • Making the Business Case for Secure Mobile Printing
  • Comparing Mobile Printing Solutions

The 38-page guide is packed with information that isn't readily available anywhere else, and it's now available for free download at www.breezy.com.

Jared Hansen, CEO of Breezy, explains why his company published the new ebook. "The number of mobile devices in the workplace is growing every day. And workers both need and expect to be able to print from those devices. That means that businesses can't afford to wait to find out how you can protect your data, control printing costs, and improve productivity by adding a secure mobile printing solution," Hansen says.

"We get asked regularly how companies can build a business case for a secure mobile printing solution, and for the facts and figures about why the long-promised paperless office has never come into being. So we put the details into an ebook."

About Breezy

Breezy (www.breezy.com) is the world's leading secure mobile printing platform. Breezy's software lets users to print to any printer from any device, and can mobile-enable existing printer fleets in a matter of minutes. 

The Breezy Partner Network, with thousands of locations worldwide, is the world's largest fully secured printing network - and the Breezy API, used in a growing number of popular productivity apps, can add secure printing capabilities to any app on any platform. For more information on how Breezy is helping businesses deliver secure mobile printing, visit the company's website, or contact Breezy at 1-866-245-3399.

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