Regarding the group strategy approved by the "Lietuvos energijos gamyba", AB shareholder

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Elektrėnai, Lithuania, 2014-01-17 09:50 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taking into account notice from "Lietuvos energija", UAB dated 17 January, 2014 "Lietuvos energijos gamyba", AB (company code 302648707, registered office at Elektrinės str. 21, Elektrėnai) (the Company)  informs that the Management Board of the "Lietuvos energija", UAB on 16 January, 2014 approved "Lietuvos energija", UAB company group operating strategy for 2014-2020. Strategy sets down business objectives, programs of implementation and financial results for the „Lietuvos energija“, UAB company group.

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"Lietuvos energija", UAB owns 96,13 % of the Company shares. 

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