Mandatory takeover offer to all shareholders in Trifork

Message No. 05/2014

| Source: Trifork A/S

Aarhus, 2014-01-20 14:02 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

Today, Trifork has received the attached mandatory public offer from Trifork Holding AG.

Trifork Holding is submitting this Offer pursuant to and in compliance with Section 31(1) of the Danish Securities Trading Act (Consolidated Act no. 982 of August 6, 2013 as amended) and Section 2 of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s ("DFSA") Executive Order No. 221 of March 10, 2010 on Takeover Bids (the "Takeover Order").

Prior to the submission of the Offer Trifork Holding AG owns 12,035,836 shares in Trifork, equal to 66.87% of the total shares in Trifork A/S

In addition to the shares owned directly by Trifork Holding AG, Trifork Holding has received irrevocable commitments to tender Trifork A/S shares for new shares in Trifork Holding AG from a large group of shareholders representing 14.96% of the shares and votes in Trifork A/S. Trifork Holding has also received binding commitments from shareholders representing 2.07% of the shares in Trifork to sell their shares for the cash consideration offered in the bid.

Including irrevocable commitments Trifork Holding AG (directly and indirectly) controls 83.90% of the shares and votes in Trifork A/S.

About Trifork

Trifork was founded in 1996 and is listed on NASDAQ OMX in Copenhagen. It is an innovative software development company focusing on Mobile, Agile and Cloud. It develops and delivers business critical IT systems for several sectors including finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing and telecom. Trifork employs 265 people in 12 offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, London, Zürich, Amsterdam, Krakow, Budapest, Stockholm and San Francisco. At the end of 2012 Trifork had a market value at DKKm 243 / EUR 33M, with a turnover in 2012 of DKKm 223 / EURm 30.


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