Notice from Solidium Oy about conditional change in holding of Rautaruukki Corporation's shares

| Source: Rautaruukki
Rautaruukki Corporation Stock exchange release 22 January 2014 at 9.30am EET

Rautaruukki Corporation has received notice from Solidium Oy about a conditional
change in its holding of shares in the company.

Today, 22 January 2014, SSAB AB ("SSAB") announced its plan to make a public
share exchange offer to all Rautaruukki Corporation's ("Rautaruukki")
shareholders. The share exchange offer and ensuing proposed combination will be
carried out in accordance with the combination agreement referred to below and
is subject to, inter alia, valid tender of more than 90 per cent of
Rautaruukki's shares by Rautaruukki shareholders. Completion of the transaction
is also subject to the necessary regulatory approvals being obtained.

Rautaruukki and SSAB have, on 21 January 2014, entered into a combination
agreement under which SSAB will launch a share exchange offer for all of the
shares in Rautaruukki and will as the consideration for each share in
Rautaruukki offer 0.4752 new A-shares and 1.2131 new B-shares in SSAB. The share
exchange offer document and prospectus relating to the share exchange offer is
expected to be published in late March or early April 2014 and the share
exchange offer is expected to be completed in late April or early May 2014,
unless extended.

In connection with the share exchange offer, Solidium Oy (business ID
2245475-9) ("Solidium") has, on 21January 2014, provided an undertaking to
accept the share exchange offer. The undertaking given by Solidium will
terminate under certain circumstances, including if (i) Rautaruukki's Board of
Directors modifies or cancels its recommendation, (ii) the Annual General
Meeting of SSAB does not pass all necessary resolutions for the completion of
the share exchange offer, (iii) the combination agreement is terminated, (iv)
SSAB has not at the latest on 31 December 2014 announced that it will complete
the share exchange offer, or (v) subject to certain conditions, a more
favourable public tender offer is made for Rautaruukki shares.

On 22 January 2014, Solidium announced that should the share exchange offer
announced by SSAB be completed, Solidium's holding of Rautaruukki's shares would
fall from 39.67 per cent to 0 per cent. As at 22 January 2014, Solidium holds
55,656,599 Rautaruukki shares, which corresponds to 39.67 of the total
outstanding shares in Rautaruukki and to 39.67 per cent of the votes.

Solidium is a limited company wholly-owned by the Finnish State.

Taina Kyllönen
SVP, Marketing and Communications

Ruukki specialises in steel and steel construction. We provide customers with
energy-efficient steel solutions for better living, working and moving. We have
around 9,000 employees and an extensive distribution and dealer network across
some 30 countries including the Nordic countries, Russia and elsewhere in Europe
and the emerging markets, such as India, China and South America. Net sales in
2012 totalled €2.8 billion. The company's share is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
(Rautaruukki Oyj: RTRKS).

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