Increase of cultivation activities in Romania and Slovakia

| Source: FirstFarms
FirstFarms starts up a new cultivation area in Western Romania, where FirstFarms
owns  1,600 hectares of agricultural  land. Until now  this area has been rented
out,  but  will  in  future  be  part  of own operation. Furthermore, FirstFarms
expects  a significant potential for further  expansion of the operation in this

In  December and  January, FirstFarms  has entered  new renting contracts with a
total area of 1,300 hectares in Slovakia. This will increase the cultivated area
in Slovakia in 2014 from 8,000 to 9,300 hectares.

The  increased  area  of  operation  is  in  2014 expected  to be able to give a
positive, but overall minor, contribution to the result of the year.

The  expansion of  FirstFarms' total  area of  operation with  a total of 2,900
hectares is hereafter expected to contribute significantly to the future revenue
on  basis  of  the  improved  capacity  utilization  of  existing  resources  in
FirstFarms. The revenue is however still depending on crop prices and yields.

FirstFarms  has also bought the company's  previously leased operation centre in
Eastern  Romania, where  we are  now investing  in improvement of the facilities
with  machine- and storage houses, weighbridge, staff facilities and new office.
Management  and operation is then consolidated  in one centre instead of various

The  company announces the expectations  for 2014 in connection with publication
of the company's accounts for 2013 (26 March 2014).

Billund 23 January 2014

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