Lappland Goldminers reports gold production and deliveries for the fourth quarter 2013

| Source: Lappland Goldminers AB
Gold production during the fourth quarter was 3,238 troy ounces (101 kg) and
gold deliveries to smelters during the same quarter amounted to 3,798 troy
ounces (118 kg)

                              October - December    January - December
                              2013     2012         2013     2012
Gold production, tr.oz        3,238    4,042        11,045   18,722
Gold production, kg           101      126          344      582
Ore mined, tonnes             109,228  132,727      328,908  529,886
Ore milled, tonnes            99,990   134,430      366,640  515,514
Gold grade*, grams per tonne  1.17     1.07         1.11     1.30
Gold recovery, %              86.0     87.2         81.7     86.8

Gold deliveries, tr.oz        3,798    3,910        10,430   19,717
Gold deliveries, kg           118      122          324      613


The final results from the completed full-scale test of the Karoliina
mineralization at the Pahtavaara mine confirmed that gold recoveries exceeded 80
percent. The full-scale test of the Karoliina mineralization at the Pahtavaara
mine was conducted from September 26th to October 6th 2014, a total of
approximately 15,000 tonnes of ore was processed during the period. The overall
gold recovery in the full-scale test exceeded 80 percent, split into a
gravimetric process and a flotation process. The flotation concentrate also
contained a substantial amount of copper. The Company assesses that the copper
bi-product credit should be able to increase the product value.

The production was temporarily suspended during 8 days in November for a
scheduled maintenance.

The environmental authority has approved the mining and processing of sulfur and
chalcopyrite rich ore in the existing environmental permit.

The corporate restructuring process in the Finnish subsidiary is proceeding
according to plan.

The full scale production of the Karoliina ore commenced according to plan in
the beginning of January 2014.

The interim report for the full year and fourth quarter 2013 will be published
on February 20th, 2014.

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Lappland Goldminers AB is a producing mining company. The Company is listed on
the market place First North in Sweden under the name GOLD.

Lappland Goldminers’ strategy is to develop mineral deposits into producing
mines. The Company is strategically positioned with the fully permitted
Fäboliden gold project in northern Sweden. The Pahtavaara gold operation is
located in the north of Finland. Lappland Goldminers is a member of SveMin, the
Swedish association for mines, minerals and metal producers, and follows
SveMin’s reporting rules for public mining and exploration companies.