Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group Announces Strategic Marketing Partnership

For With a Licensed Internet Sports Book and Casino

| Source: Hokutou Holdings International, Inc.

NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hokutou Holdings International Inc. (OTCPINK:HKTU) and its wholly owned subsidiary Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group, a company specializing in development of an online gaming experience designed to enable users to follow and share information regarding the fast paced global financial marketplace, announced today they have signed a Strategic Marketing Partnership relationship with an online gaming leader, a Licensed Internet Sports Book and Casino.

As announced previously the key to our strategic marketing plan is developing relationships with online gaming operators, internet sports book and casino marketing experts. is an online gaming leader and has accumulated a substantial data base of online users. is seeking new product to introduce to their customer base. PPMG online gaming product allows the sports book operators and casinos customers to win and the house also wins. This is very unusual in the sports book, casino and online gaming industry. With this marketing program PPMG has no upfront marketing cost as the casinos become our partners and share in the amounts wagered.

Mr. James Egide, C.E.O. stated, "Our relationship with is a milestone for PPMG and accomplishes a key to our strategic marketing plan in developing a relationship with an International online gaming operator." Mr. Egide went on to state, "This is an exceptional opportunity for PPMG with No Up Front Costs for marketing our products to millions of end users. Our partner loves our products because their customers win and they still get paid in our revenue share agreement."

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About Hokutou Holdings International Inc. (OTCPINK:HKTU)

Hokutou Holdings International Inc. was operated as a development stage holding company for the last three years. The company has completed the acquisition of Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group, a wholly owned subsidiary.

About Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group

Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group is a company specializing in development of an online experience designed to enable users to follow and share information regarding the fast paced global financial marketplace and to compete against each other in a traditional racing format. PPMG is developing a new way for individuals to interact with the public markets. Our goal is to be a leading social gaming financial markets destination, and our vision is to be the intersection of global financial markets, fantasy sports, horse racing and online gaming community. PPMG has developed a Hub computer system located in Saint Kitts to facilitate transaction processing. The location provides the ability to service both U.S. and international markets The system is based on pari-Mutuel wagering systems where the operator takes a percentage of the sales to pay the cost and the rest is paid back to the players. The company encourages current shareholders and potential investors to visit their website at to learn more about Platinum Pari-Mutuel Group or download our corporate fact sheet at CORPORATE FACT SHEET.

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