Biotie: Change in the number of votes

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BIOTIE  THERAPIES CORP.                     Stock Exchange  Release           28
January 2014 at 9.00 am

Biotie: Change in the number of votes

Biotie Therapies Corp. ("Biotie" or the "Company") has conveyed Biotie shares
held as treasury shares and that were issued on 2 January 2014 pursuant to the
Stock Option Plan 2011 and the Equity Incentive Plan 2011 as follows:

 Shares  Cumulative shares Remaining shares to
conveyed conveyed since 2      be conveyed
           January 2014

 323,750      323,750           2,997,910

Under the Stock Option Plan 2011, the owners of the stock options may subscribe
for a maximum total of 7,401,000 new shares in the Company or existing shares
held by the Company. A total of 232,500 shares have been subscribed for during
the period 2 January 2014 and 27 January 2014 and 232,500 of the treasury shares
will be used for these share subscriptions. The subscription price of EUR 0.01
per share has been fully paid by the employees and the EUR 2,325 funds received
will be credited to the Company's reserve for non-restricted equity.

The first vesting period of the Equity Incentive Plan 2011 ended on 5 January
2014, after which the Company's shares shall be delivered to employees on the
basis of the granted share units. It was resolved pursuant to the authorization
of the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders held on 4 April 2013 to issue
91,250 existing treasury shares to the employees without consideration for the
purposes of remunerating the employees pursuant to the terms and conditions of
the Equity Incentive Plan 2011 and thus there is an especially weighty financial
reason to derogate from the pre-emptive right of the shareholders, as referred
to in Chapter 9 Section 4(1) of the Companies Act (624/2006, as amended).

The conveyed shares previously held as treasury shares have not carried any
voting rights. The conveyance does not affect the number of registered shares.
After the conveyances the changes are as follows:

 Increase in number   Total amount of     Number of the     Total number
of outstanding shares  voting rights  Company's shares held of registered
                                          by the Group         shares

       323,750          446,537,698         9,494,700        456,032,398

Turku, 28 January 2014

Biotie Therapies Corp.
Timo Veromaa, President and CEO

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