Managing Director Jørgen Christensen retires

| Source: Jyske Bank

After more than 28 years with Jyske Bank - of these the past nine years on the Executive Board - Jørgen Christensen has decided to retire on 31 August 2014.  In December, Jørgen Christensen will be 64 years. 

Jørgen Christensen began his career in the financial sector on 11 August 1968 as a trainee with Danske Bank, and, in addition to his training as a banker, he subsequently graduated in law. On 15 June 1986, Jørgen Christensen was employed by Jyske Bank as a regional deputy manager at the Divisional Centre South of that time, and in 1997 he was here promoted to functional manager, credits. In 2005, Jørgen Christensen was appointed managing director and a member of the Group Executive Board.  In his capacity as a member of Jyske Bank's Group Executive Board, Jørgen Christensen has been responsible for the Danish branch network as well as the Bank's credit division. 

The Group Supervisory Board wishes to thank Jørgen Christensen for the extraordinary efforts he has made for Jyske Bank. 

Managing Director Per Skovhus, who joined the Group Executive Board on 1 September 2013 and assumed executive responsibility for Jyske Bank, Retail & Commercial Banking, Denmark, will also assume executive responsibility for Credits when Jørgen Christensen retires. 

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sven Buhrkall, tel. +45 89 89 20 04.