About mass media publications

| Source: Rigas kugu buvetava


            During last several days JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD” was under the informational attacks with the purpose to discredit the oldest company in the country and in Europe, which has celebrated the 100 years anniversary. At the moment there are 600 peole working for the company, and also there 500 people working in subcontractor status. In some mass media there are publications that JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD” is suffering the difficulties. These rumours has been running according to the opinion of one economist, who has no relations with
JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD” and has not eved tryed to get the comments from the board of the company. That is no exeption that the authors of this wrong information are fulfilling someone’s order.

The main sources of these information are some minor stockholders of JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD”, some partners and member of the board I.Komarov, which was renditioned from his position because of the lost confidence and subbordinated to him production executives
A. Marchenko and S. Shagayeva. Against these persons and some others top managers, who were subbordinated to I. Komarov, there was inner investigation in the company, and also independent audit check, which is beeing done by well known (with good reputaion) auditing firm.

In the connection with the above mentioned JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD” council and board represent and warrant that the above mentioned information in the mass media are not consistent with the reality, the company is financially stable, this could be simply assured from the company management and from financial reports, which are available at NASDAQ OMX web page.

JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD” is continuing to work in the current normal mode, repairing the vessels and preparing after the winter season to begin new vessel construction. There are new members of the board Vladislav Blums and Vladimir Kozlov, who were nominated and company board is organising normal quick mode company work. There are some perspective company development projects, production expansion, which will allow in the future to work succesfully at European and world markets.

We invite all the mass media to verify the facts and to apply with all your questions to the board of JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD. We also inform you that the company has already accessed to court against those persons and mass media, who merged these data, which don’t correspond the truth and spoil the reputation of the company.


The turnover of JSC „RIGA SHIPYARD” for the year 2012 was 262 138 594.60 EUR but for the year 2013 – about 55 000 000,00 EUR.

We wish to thank you all those mass media and partners, who didn’t distribute the information, which doesn’t correspond the truth, lie and disinformation, which is distributed by unfair persons.

Thank you for you feedback and understanding!