High demand for end-customer finance from SEK

| Source: Svensk Exportkredit AB
SEK was extremely active during the year, assisting Swedish exporters with long
term financing totaling Skr 55.7 billion (56.2). End-customer finance to Swedish
exporters’ customers rose slightly on the previous year, amounting to Skr 39.0
billion (38.7), while the total volume of finance provided directly to Swedish
exporters was Skr 16.7 billion (17.6).

These high volumes are due to a number of factors. First, many buyers of Swedish
exporters’ products and services have a significant need to secure financing
from SEK. Second, there is growing interest for end-customer finance, with
buyers being offered the opportunity to have their purchase financed in one of
the many currencies offered by SEK. Third, this high demand has also been
boosted by the companies’ need to finance working capital.

“These strong volumes show that SEK is providing a high level of new lending to
the Swedish export sector and that SEK's role as a complement to banks,
supporting exporters through financing, remains vital for export sales. Key to
achieving these high volumes has been and continues to be our cooperation with
other financial institutions,” said SEK President Peter Yngwe.

  · New lending to and for Swedish exporters was Skr 55.7 billion (56.2)
  · Operating profit amounted to Skr 1,408.1 million (824.4) and operating
profit excluding unrealized changes in fair value amounted to Skr 1,668.6
million (1,652.6). The operating result has mainly been affected by financial
transactions such as early redemption of subordinated debt and unrealized
changes in fair value related to credit spread on own debt.
  · Return on equity after tax was 7.4 percent (5.0)
  · The total volume of offers for export credits amounted to Skr 65.5 billion
  · The Core Tier-1 capital adequacy ratio was 19.5 percent (19.8) at year-end
  · The Board of Directors has decided to propose to the annual general meeting
that a regular dividend of Skr 327.0 million be paid, which corresponds to 30
percent of net profit after tax

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