Information on notification of Vilnius Commercial Arbitration Court (addition)

| Source: Kauno energija

AB Kauno Energija got a notice on 30 January 2014 that Vilnius Commercial Arbitration Court made a decision on 27 January 2014 in case No 266, by which it rejected claims of plaintiff – UAB Kauno termofikacijos elektrinė to defendant AB Kauno Energija regarding debt in amount of LTL 1 193 978.52 for payment for heat supplied by plaintiff in December 2012 and January 2013, adjudgement of fine in amount of LTL 145 713.63, process rate and expenses. Herewith arbitration expenses in amount of LTL 26 430.86 were adjudged in favour of AB Kauno Energija from plaintiff as well.

  Litigation arose regarding heat purchase prices. Upon assertion of plaintiff, AB Kauno Energija had to purchase heat from UAB Kauno termofikacijos elektrinė at a higher offered price, than the comparable expenses of heat production of AB Kauno Energija consisted at the moment, but arbitration court rejected those requirements of plaintiff.

  The above-mentioned decision is final and obligatory for both sides of litigation. It came into force since the moment of its making, but litigation sides have a right to appeal this decision to Lithuanian Court of Appeal in 1 month starting from the day of decision making.





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