Nordea Bank Finland Plc Capped Floater 2021

- amendment of Final Terms

| Source: Nordea Bank Finland Plc.

Copenhagen, 2014-01-31 15:48 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

On 2 October 2013 Nordea Bank Finland Plc (the ”Issuer”) issued a series (A211) of Capped Floor Float Notes due 1 July 2021, Capped Floater 2021, denominated in Danish Kroner (“DKK”) with ISIN code DK0030327440 and Common Code 097193070 (the "Notes").

The Notes pay a quarterly interest rate based on the lower of (i) 6-month CIBOR + 0,84 per cent and (ii) a Cap Strike of 5 per cent.

In the Final Terms of the Notes dated 13 September 2013, the Day Count Fraction for interest payments is specified as “Actual/Actual”, which however is not a defined term in the Base Prospectus. Instead the Day Count Fraction should have been specified as “Actual/Actual (ICMA)” which is a defined term in the Base Prospectus. 

Accordingly the Final Terms of the notes have be amended so that the references to “Actual/Actual” in paragraph 15(ix) and 22(i) and in the Summary of the Issue, Section C.9, have been amended to “Actual/Actual (ICMA)”. 

We refer to the amended Final Terms of the Notes published 31 January 2014 and clause 15 of the Terms and Conditions of the Notes in the Base Prospectus according to which the Issuer is entitled, without the consent of Holders, to amend the Conditions (including the applicable Final Terms of the Notes) in order to correct any manifest error.

Questions regarding the Notes may be directed to Peter Kijne, Nordea Markets, telephone 33 33 53 39.