LightLab and Topstar enter second phase of development partnership

| Source: LightLab Sweden AB
In July 2013, LightLab signed a partnership agreement with Xiamen Topstar New
Materials Co. Ltd, to co-develop a new luminescent powder for general lighting.
According to the agreement, Xiamen Topstar will invest in the development of a
new powder optimised for LightLab’s EEE Light™ Technology. LightLab and Topstar
have now evaluated the first phase of the project and made the decision to
elevate energy efficiency even further to better meet the demands of the general
lighting market.

“Our goal remains the same: in 2014, Xiamen Topstar's and LightLab’s EEE Light™
Technology will be ready for production in a new generation of mercury-free
lamps,” said LightLab CEO Jan-Erik Lennefalk.

“Over the past year, Topstar New Materials have worked closely with LightLab to
develop a commercial solution for the global market, and we look forward to
entering the second phase of our cooperation in 2014,” said Ellen Li, General
Manager of Topstar New Materials.

Topstar is a leading supplier of lighting products with a focus on CFL and LED
lamps. They have a production capacity of 25 million lamps a month.
If you have any questions, please contact:

Jan-Erik Lennefalk, CEO
Mobile: 46 (0) 702 51 91 92

Per Olsson, Investor Relations
Mobile: 46 (0)730 80 49 59
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