VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If graphene isn't in your investment lexicon, adopt it now, because its growth includes all things electronic and won't wait for you to catch up.

Familiarizing yourself with the revolutionary properties of this graphite derivative would likely give you a leg up when considering your investment choices. Graphene can and will be found in our most valued possessions from cell phones, to potentially life changing technology such as 3D printing and yes, even the electric battery in a Tesla Roadster.

"Graphene is basically a one-atom thick layer of carbon. Under a microscope, it looks like a honeycombed lattice—much like chicken wire," states A. Paul Gill, President and CEO of Lomiko Metals (TSX-V:LMR), a Company that extracts high quality graphite from its Quatre Mille property in Quebec. "The growth of graphene use in virtually every electronic application will undoubtedly be a catalyst of change across the board, both in R&D and production."

Mr. Gill, more than just a mining executive, recognized another Company engaged in the rapidly growing graphene marketplace; New York based, Graphene Labs, a leading manufacturer and supplier to global R&D markets. The Company also holds many graphene patents but of particular importance is the patent to convert graphite to graphene recently announced in an exclusive agreement between the two Companies.

Together the two Companies will capitalize on the secure supply of high quality graphite provided by Lomiko, as well as the extensive customer database and expertise in graphene materials of Graphene Labs. This alliance is where the possibilities become almost limitless.

Graphene Labs holds patents on 3D printing technologies that could very well change the way we all live and purchase products. 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional, solid object from a digital file of virtually any shape, using an additive process. Eventually this will allow you to print everything from a toothbrush to a carburetor for your car, in your basement.

Lomiko is also not standing still. Gill states: 'As exclusive supplier of high purity, large flake crystalline graphite from our Quatre Milles East Property in Quebec, we are rapidly expanding this relationship with Graphene 3D Labs as part of our recently filed Public Offering and concurrent Private Placement. Once completed, Lomiko should realize approximately $4 million.'

Credit Suisse forecasts that global 3D printing market revenues will reach almost $12 billion by 2020; they came in just over $2 billion in 2012. That represents annual growth of 20-30%. The retail consumer/small business market shows the largest growth potential with 100%+ year over year growth in 2013.

Nasdaq listed CVD Equipment, which has a Market Capitalization of $ 81 million and a share price of over $ 13.00 USD joins 3D Systems Corp, XG Sciences and other large companies vying for this new market.

Adding graphene to polymers which are conventionally used in 3D printing enhances the properties of the polymer in many different ways; it improves the mechanical strength as well as its electrical and thermal conductivity. The method described in the provisional patent application allows consumers to use the polymer, infused with graphene, together with conventional polymers in the same printing process, thereby fabricating functional electronic devices.

China supplies 70% of the world graphite market, made up of 60% amorphous and 40% flake. Demand has increased roughly 5% in the last 10 years to about $12 billion in 2011. There are 15 grams of graphite in a smartphone battery. The Lithium Ion battery market is also a huge consumer of graphite, needing 10-20 times the amount of a standard lithium battery. There are 110 Kg of graphite in the battery of a Tesla Roadster. Lithium Ion batteries are projected to generate revenues of $60 billion by 2020. I imagine you get the point.

While the applications in 3D printing are impressive, there are several multi-billion dollar industries that will benefit from this alliance including the medical appliance market, biotech and super capacitors. RFID, smart packaging, ITO replacement, sensors, logic and memory are also areas where graphene will likely see exceptional growth.

None of this works of course without graphite, particularly the high quality/purity flake graphite mined by Lomiko. Coupled with the technical and market expertise and global top-tier customer base of Graphene Labs, the Company's revenue growth looks solid and sustainable.


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A. Paul Gill