Carsten Dilling proposed as new Board member of SAS AB

| Source: SAS AB
On 16 January 2014, SAS AB announced its Notice Convening the Annual General
Meeting (AGM) to take place on 18 February 2014. In the Notice Convening the
AGM, the Nomination Committee informed that it at a later date intended to
deliver a proposal for a new Board member before the AGM. SAS hereby complements
the information previously provided with the following proposal.

The Nomination Committee has decided to propose as a new Board member Carsten
Dilling, born 1962, who is President & Group CEO for the Danish TDC. Before his
current position, Carsten Dilling has had a number of leading positions within
the TDC Group such as COO for five years. Carsten Dilling started his career in
IBM where he spent 17 years primarily in sales, marketing and management in
Denmark, Sweden and France. Carsten Dilling is a Board member in the
Confederation of Danish Industry and the Industry’s Employers in Copenhagen.
Carsten Dilling has a B.Sc. from Copenhagens Business School.