VINX Index Information 02/14: Anticipated adjustment of VINX30 Index due to extraordinary dividend in Svenska Handelsbanken AB

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The following information is based on a press release from Svenska Handelsbanken AB (SHB A, SE0000193120) published on February 5, 2014 and may be subject to change.

The board of Svenska Handelsbanken AB has proposed that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for March 26, 2014 approves an extraordinary dividend of SEK 5.00 in addition to the ordinary dividend of SEK 11.50. The scheduled Ex-date is March 27, 2014.

Provided that the AGM approves the proposal, NASDAQ OMX Global Index Group will act and adjust SHB in accordance to the “Rules for the Construction and Maintenance of the VINX All-Share, Benchmark, Tradable and Sector Indexes”, Version 2.1, rule 4.5.4.

For further information concerning this notice please contact NASDAQ OMX Index Operations, telephone + 46 8 405 6296, e-mail