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BRUSSELS, Belgium, Feb. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pursuant to the Belgian Law of May 2, 2007 relating to the publication of major shareholdings in listed companies, Delhaize Group (Euronext Brussels: DELB - NYSE: DEG), the Belgian international food retailer, has received a notification of the threshold 5% being crossed downwards by BlackRock which now owns 4.86% of Delhaize Group's voting rights as follows:

Holders of voting rights Number of voting rights from previous notification Current number of voting rights Current percentage of voting rights
BlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A. 12 856 16 406 0.02%
BlackRock (Netherlands) B.V. 17 352 17 352 0.02%
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited 329 132 306 799 0.30%
BlackRock Advisors, LLC 7 230 10 173 0.01%
BlackRock Asset Management Australia Limited 66 487 0 0.00%
BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited 37 456 37 369 0.04%
BlackRock Asset Management Deutschland AG 254 483 316 923 0.31%
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Limited 497 461 560 426 0.55%
BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. 140 629 119 674 0.12%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 644 742 816 110 0.80%
BlackRock Fund Managers Limited 44 032 53 667 0.05%
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, National Association 2 313 548 1 978 347 1.93%
BlackRock International Limited 25 103 27 794 0.03%
BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited 11 392 63 884 0.06%
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited 77 095 80 099 0.08%
BlackRock Investment Management, LLC 102 632 96 076 0.09%
BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd. 204 609 148 383 0.14%
BlackRock Life Limited 328 574 317 184 0.31%
iShares (DE) I Investmentaktiengesellschaft mit Teilvermögen 6 061 12 672 0.01%
BlackRock, Inc. 0 0 0.00%
TOTAL 5 120 874 4 979 338 4.86%

On February 3, 2014, BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited notified Delhaize Group that as of January 28, 2014 BlackRock owned 4 979 338 Delhaize Group shares, representing 4.86% of its voting rights. The denominator is 102 449 570 shares.

According to the notification that Delhaize Group received from BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited on February 3, 2014 BlackRock, Inc. is the ultimate controller of the legal entities listed above. The latter, however, are the discretionary investment managers that hold the Delhaize Group shares and exercise the voting rights.

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Delhaize Group is a Belgian international food retailer present in nine countries on three continents. At the end of 2013, Delhaize Group's sales network consisted of 3 534 stores. In 2013, Delhaize Group posted €21.1 billion ($28.0 billion) in revenues and employed approximately 160 000 people. Delhaize Group's stock is listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels (DELB) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEG).

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