Covisint Offers Easy Solutions for Avoiding PQRS Penalties, Obtaining Financial Incentives

Care Providers and Health Systems Obtained More Than $10M in CMS Reimbursements by Working With Covisint To-Date

| Source: Covisint Corporation

DETROIT, Feb. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The March 8, 2014, deadline for Patient Quality Reporting System (PQRS) for healthcare providers is fast approaching, and for the first time, providers who fail to submit the required patient quality data will be penalized. Covisint Corporation (Nasdaq:COVS), a national leader for five years in PQRS submissions with more than $10 million in CMS reimbursements to-date, offers multiple options to help healthcare providers obtain incentives and, more importantly, avoid the costly penalties for not submitting.

Since physicians, their staffs and healthcare systems are extremely busy, they often seek the simplest, most cost-effective and secure way to proactively manage and maximize this process. Covisint's easy-to-manage web-based process requires only a fraction of the time compared to competitive offerings.

Healthcare provider organizations have been, up until 2013, reporting to receive incentives from CMS -- incentives that have gradually decreased year-over-year. That changed with the 2013 PQRS reporting year. Now, eligible professionals are reporting not only to earn a 0.5 percent incentive, but more importantly, to avoid a 1.5 percent penalty that would be applied beginning in January, 2015.

"As healthcare continues its evolution away from fee-for-service, it's even more important for care delivery organizations to take every measure possible to obtain incentives and avoid unnecessary costs," said Tim Busche, Covisint Director of Healthcare Marketing. "Covisint, which makes the process unbelievably easy to implement and manage, has helped more physicians, practices and healthcare systems easily engage with CMS to obtain PQRS incentives than any other registry solution provider."

Healthcare organizations seeking to find out more about Covisint's PQRS submission process can find additional information at or by calling Covisint's Melissa Blom at 919-425-0555.


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