IT - Introduction of Block Trade Facility on April 7, 2014 (08/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities


NASDAQ OMX Commodities has amended how the trades executed outside the Electronic order book are reported to the Exchange/ Clearinghouse. Effective date for implementation is April  7th (Ref IT-Notice IT 06/14)
It is important that Members, ISVs, and Brokers analyze this information (Ref Exchange and Clearing notice 09/14) and understand which trade reporting transaction types that shall be used for which purpose.
For technical impact and details please refer to the Transaction Types Service Description, chapter 8. For Clearing Workstation 1&2 (CW1, CW2), the block trade can be reported using the “Trade Reporting” window. New block transactions types are introduced for OMNet API and FIX protocols. Please refer to section 8.2 for OMnet API, new trade types and section 8.3 for FIX, new trade type that applies for the different Commodities markets.
For OMnet API documentation and FIX protocol specification please refer to this website:
Important note for those supporting NOS contracts through the OMnet API
Contrary to the products like Power and Tanker Freight where public trade data dissemination is done in real time, trade data related to Dry Freight and Fuel Oil will be disseminated to the public end of day. The reason for end of day is related to how the market works and the liquidity. Member applications reporting trades through OMnet API, is requested to set the “deferred publication” flag.
External Test Environment 4  (EXT4)
These changes are available for external testing on EXT4
EXT4 is available for test every workday from 08.00 to 15.00 CET until go live. Maintenance window is between 06.00-12.00 CET each Wednesday.
For further information, please contact Market and Member Readiness:
Technical contact:
Kestan Hasan, +46 405 6621
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