General Clearing Information 01/14

| Source: Derivatives

EMIR Trade Reporting

From 12 February 2014, all derivative contracts, in all asset classes, must be reported to a trade repository in accordance with EMIR. The reporting obligation covers both exchange traded derivatives (ETD) as well as OTC derivatives.

According to EMIR, both counterparties to a derivative contract are responsible for their own reporting. NASDAQ OMX Clearing will submit a report for a derivative contract that has been cleared by the clearinghouse and the counterparty to that contract (typically a clearing member) is expected to submit a matching report. Certain parts of the report – Common Data - must contain the exact same data, in the same format, so that the trade repository can match the two sides.

All relevant information regarding NASDAQ OMX Clearing’s EMIR trade reporting is available on including a handbook that describes how NASDAQ OMX Clearing will construct its trade reports to aid members that need to submit matching trade reports for their cleared trades with NASDAQ OMX.

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

All counterparties that are required to submit trade reports must have an LEI and report its LEI to NASDAQ OMX Clearing according to instructions available in the link above.

NASDAQ OMX Clearing is registered at CICI Utility and the LEI is: 54930002A8LR1AAUCU78

Reporting with NASDAQ OMX Clearing as counterpart

Members that have questions regarding the published material on aligning their trade reports with NASDAQ OMX and those that need operational assistance with mismatched reports where NASDAQ OMX Clearing is the counterparty to the trade should contact or call + 46 8 405 6342.

NASDAQ OMX EMIR Trade Reporting Service

A Clearing Member of NASDAQ OMX markets may optionally select to delegate its trade reporting to NASDAQ OMX Broker Services, whereby NASDAQ OMX Broker Services will submit the trade reports on behalf of the member to a trade repository. Further information about this service can be obtained by sending an email to

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