Kemira Oyj's Financial Statements Bulletin 2013

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Kemira Oyj
Stock Exchange Release
February 7, 2014 at 2.30 pm (CET+1)

This is a summary of the Financial Statements Bulletin of 2013. The complete
Financial Statements Bulletin 2013 with tables is attached to this release and
available at

Fourth quarter: Major steps in strategic redesign accomplished. Organic growth
and profitability improvement continues in the Paper segment

  * ŸOrganic revenue growth was 1% in local currencies. Reported revenue
    decreased 2% to EUR 545.2 million (558.5), due to unfavorable currency
    exchange rates.
  * Operative EBIT was EUR 34.5 million (34.1) with a margin of 6.3% (6.1%).
  * Divestment of coagulant business in Brazil closed and divestment of formic
    acid business as well as Danish distribution business signed.
  * The reported earnings per share were reduced to EUR -0.33 (-0.27) largely
    due to non-recurring items of EUR 76.5 million (61.1).
Full year: Sales volume growth and improved profitability, EUR 0.53 dividend

  * Organic revenue growth was 3% in local currencies. Reported revenue was EUR
    2,229 million (2,241).
  * ŸOperative EBIT increased  6% to EUR 164.2 million (155.5) with a margin of
    7.4% (6.9%).
  * ŸEarnings per share, excluding non-recurring items decreased to EUR 0.70
    (0.77) mainly due to the lower income from the associated companies.
  * ŸReported earnings per share were reduced to EUR -0.21 (0.12) mainly due to
    a write-down of EUR 23 million related to the divestment of the shares of
    Kemira's JV Sachtleben, lower income from associated companies and higher
  * ŸThe Board of Directors proposes a cash dividend of EUR 0.53 per share
    (0.53) to the Annual General Meeting 2014, totaling EUR 81 million (81),
    equivalent to 76% (69%) of the operative net profit.
  * ŸIn 2014, Kemira expects the revenue in local currencies, excluding
    acquisitions and divestments to be slightly higher than in 2013 and the
    operative EBIT to be higher than in 2013.
Kemira's President and CEO Wolfgang Büchele:

"Kemira's organic revenue and operative EBIT increased slightly in the fourth
quarter.  Of the two growth focused segments, Paper with more than 10% organic
revenue growth was able to improve its operative EBIT by more than 20%. By
showing only modest 3% of organic growth at a disappointing profitability, Oil &
Mining has not met our expectations. Thus, we have taken steps to bring Oil &
Mining business back to its strategic path. In addition, we closed the
acquisition of 3F, which will significantly strengthen our position in the
polymer market. The profitability contribution of 3F in Q4 was lower than
expected, due to a temporary shutdown in one of the production sites and higher
costs mainly related to integration. The acquisition is expected to result in
substantial synergies through raw material, logistics and fixed cost savings.

The revenue of Municipal & Industrial was partly impacted by the implementation
of several strategic initiatives, including a new business model in EMEA and
several divestments, which are all expected to improve the segment's
profitability. The divestment of ChemSolutions' formic acid business is expected
to close during the first quarter of 2014. In the fourth quarter, the organic
revenue of ChemSolutions was impacted by the weak de-icing season.

Divestments, combined with the Fit for Growth measures have significantly
reduced complexity and strengthened our balance sheet in 2013. These measures
were required to be able to compete effectively in our core businesses, as well
as to support our long-term profitability. Once the divestments are completed,
Kemira has been transformed into a pure play company focusing on water quality
and quantity management."

KEY FIGURES AND RATIOS (figures for 2012 were restated on March 25, 2013)

                            Oct-Dec 2013 Oct-Dec 2012 Jan-Dec 2013 Jan-Dec 2012
 EUR million
 Revenue                           545.2        558.5      2,229.1      2,240.9
 Operative EBITDA                   58.0         57.4        251.9        249.4
 Operative EBITDA, %                10.6         10.3         11.3         11.1
 EBITDA                            -11.2         15.7        141.9        179.9
 EBITDA, %                          -2.1          2.8          6.4          8.0
 Operative EBIT                     34.5         34.1        164.2        155.5
 Operative EBIT, %                   6.3          6.1          7.4          6.9
 EBIT                              -38.9        -37.1         42.6         33.1
 EBIT, %                            -7.1         -6.6          1.9          1.5
 Share of profit or loss of         -0.1         -5.7         -1.1         11.2
 Financing income and               -7.7         -4.1        -39.0        -15.7
 Profit before tax                 -46.7        -46.9          2.5         28.6
 Net profit                        -48.7        -40.4        -25.9         22.4
 Earnings per share, EUR           -0.33        -0.27        -0.21         0.12
 Operative earnings per             0.17         0.13         0.70         0.77
 share, EUR
 Capital employed*               1,366.5      1,673.0      1,366.5      1,673.0
 ROCE*                               3.0          2.6          3.0          2.6
 Capital expenditure               105.0         18.5        197.5        134.1
 Cash flow after investing         -18.5          9.4        195.7         71.8
 Equity ratio, % at period-           51           51           51           51
 Gearing, % at period-end             41           42           41           42
 Personnel at period-end           4,453        4,857        4,453        4,857
*12-month rolling average (ROCE, % based on the reported EBIT)

Definitions of key figures are available at > Investors >
Financial information. Comparative 2012 figures are provided in parentheses for
some financial results, where appropriate. Operating profit, excluding
non-recurring items, is referred to as Operative EBIT. Operating profit is
referred to as EBIT.


On December 31, 2013, Kemira Oyj's distributable funds totaled EUR 681,978,945
net profit, which accounted for EUR 141,177,720 for the period. No material
changes have taken place in the company's financial position after the balance
sheet date.

Kemira Oyj's Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting to be
held on March 24, 2014 that a dividend of EUR 0.53 totaling EUR 81 million shall
be paid on the basis of the adopted balance sheet for the financial year ended
December 31, 2013.


Kemira will continue to focus on improving its profitability and reinforcing the
positive cash flow. The company will also continue to invest in order to secure
future growth in the water quality and quantity management business.

Kemira's financial targets have been revised in connection with its strategy
update on April 23, 2013. The company's financial targets for 2016 are:

  * Ÿ  revenue EUR 2.6-2.7 billion
  * Ÿ  EBITDA-% of revenue 15%
  * Ÿ  gearing level < 60%.

In addition, Kemira expects its medium-term operative tax rate to be in the
range of 22%-24%. The operative tax rate excludes non-recurring items and the
impact of the income from associated companies.

The basis for growth is the expanding market for chemicals related to water
quality and quantity management and Kemira's strong expertise in this field. The
need to increase operational efficiency in our customer industries creates
opportunities for Kemira to develop new products and services for both current
and new customers. Research and Development is a critical organic growth enabler
for Kemira and it provides differentiation capabilities in the water quality and
quantity management markets. Kemira will invest in innovation, technical
expertise, and competencies in the targeted focus areas.
Restructuring program "Fit for Growth"

Kemira Oyj has continued to implement its global restructuring program "Fit for
Growth", launched at the end of July 2012 in order to improve the company's
profitability, its internal efficiency and to accelerate the growth in emerging
markets without sacrificing business opportunities in the mature markets. In
2012, the cost savings impact of "Fit for Growth" was EUR 10 million. In 2013,
"Fit for Growth"-related cost savings were EUR 46 million nearly reaching the
full cost savings run rate of EUR 60 million on an annualized basis at the end
of 2013. "Fit for Growth" related savings will not be reported separately
anymore in the coming Kemira interim reports.


In 2014, Kemira expects its revenue in local currencies and excluding
acquisitions and divestments to be slightly higher than in 2013 and its
operative EBIT to be higher than in 2013.

The guidance for 2014 is defined as follows.

 Kemira guidance            Definition
 Slightly higher/lower      from 0% to 5% or from 0% to -5%
 Higher/lower               from 5% to 15% or from -5% to -15%
 Significantly higher/lower more than 15% or less than -15%

Helsinki, February 7, 2014

Kemira Oyj
Board of Directors


Interim report January-March 2014                           April 23, 2014
Interim report January-June 2014                             July 22, 2014
Interim report January-September 2014                    October 22, 2014

Kemira Oyj's Annual Report 2013 will be published during the week beginning on
February 24, 2014.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 24, 2014 at 1.00 pm

Press and analyst conference and conference call

Kemira will arrange a press conference for analysts and the media starting at
3.30 pm (1.30 pm UK time) at Kemira House, Porkkalankatu 3, Helsinki. In the
conference, Kemira's President and CEO Wolfgang Büchele and the CFO Petri
Castrén will present the results. The press conference will be held in English
and will be webcasted at Webcast will be available at also after the event. Presentation material will be
available on Kemira's website at under Investors in
English and at in Finnish at about 3.00 pm.

Conference call in connection to the press and analyst conference

You can also listen to the conference live over the phone and attend the Q&A
session via a conference call. In order to participate in the call, please dial
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FI:    +358 9 81710467
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Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive
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