Sales of bonds for refinancing of adjustable rate mortgage loans

| Source: BRFkredit A/S

To NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S
10 February, 2014
Announcement no. 10/2014

Sales of bonds for refinancing of adjustable rate mortgage loans

On 26 and 27 February 2014, BRFkredit will sell non-callable bullet bonds (RTL bonds) to refinance adjustable rate mortgage loans.

The bonds are offered for sale with 1 April 2014 as settlement date. However, an earlier settlement date can be arranged.

BRFkredit will carry out the bond sales on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. BRFkredit is not obliged to offer or sell any specific amount on any specific dates. It is, however, the intention of BRFkredit to distribute the sales evenly. Post-trade information will be disclosed through NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.

The refinancing and interest rate adjustments of loans are based on covered bonds (SDOs).

BRFkredit’s daily bond sales in relation to the disbursement of new mortgage loans, purchases of bonds in relation to redemption of existing mortgage loans and purchases for the investment of surplus liquidity will be executed in parallel with the above mentioned sales.

The below mentioned bonds are expected to be offered during the period:

ISIN Bond Currency Expected amount
DK0009378515 (SDO) 2% 321.E.ap 2015 DKK    4.2 bn

Technical questions regarding the bond sales may be directed to:

  • Head of Investments, André Hauberg on telephone (+45) 45 26 29 18
  • Group Treasurer, Anders Lund Hansen on telephone (+45) 45 26 22 80

Other inquiries may be directed to:

  • Chief Economist, Ulrikke Ekelund on telephone (+45) 45 26 22 57


Yours sincerely,
BRFkredit a/s

Lars Waalen Sandberg
Executive Vice President



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