Year-End Report 2013

| Source: Hufvudstaden AB
  · Gross profit from property management increased by 7 per cent and amounted
to SEK 1,135 million (1,065), which can be attributed to property acquisitions
in Gothenburg and increased rental revenue from the property holdings.

  · Profit for the year before tax increased by SEK 921 million, totalling SEK
2,407 million (1,486). The increase can be attributed mainly to unrealized
changes in value.

  · Profit after tax for the year was SEK 1,876 million (1,939), equivalent to
SEK 9.10 per share (9.40). The profit for the previous year was affected by non
-recurring income of SEK 888 million as a result of a reduction in corporation

  · The Board proposes an increase in the dividend to SEK 2.75 per share (2.60).

  · The fair value of the property holdings was set at SEK 25.9 billion (23.1),
which gives a net asset value of SEK 92 per share (84).

  · The equity ratio was 58 per cent (59), the net loan-to-value ratio was 20
per cent (18) and the interest coverage ratio multiple was 8.3 (6.4).

  · Consolidated net revenue amounted to SEK 1,640 million (1,542), an increase
of 6 per cent.

  · The rental vacancy level at the year-end was 4.0 per cent (3.7).

Stockholm, February 13, 2014
The Board

Year-End Report 2013

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