Changes to the Baltic Fund Center

| Source: Nasdaq Vilnius

The following funds wil be removed from Baltic Fund Center on February 14, 2014 due to mergers:

JPMorgan Europe Dynamic Mega Cap Fund A-EUR - (ISIN LU0229245161) - Closed - merged into JPM Europe Dynamic Fund.
Julius Baer Asia Stock Fund (ISIN LU0026741909) - Closed - absorbed by Chindonesia Fund.
Julius Baer Black Sea Fund (ISIN  LU0276683058) - Closed - absorbed by Central Europe Stock Fund.
Julius Baer Commodity Fund (EUR) (ISIN LU0244125125) - Closed - merged into JB CMD USD.
Julius Baer Europe Selection Fund (ISIN  LU0066471896) - Closed - absorbed by Europe Stock Fund.
Julius Baer Health Opportunities Fund (ISIN  LU0529502287) - Closed - absorbed by Biotech Fund.

The Fund Centre ( is an environment for publishing fund performance information that is jointly administered by the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius stock exchanges. The Fund Centre includes funds which are publicly offered in at least one of the Baltic countries.


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