On the restrictions concerning lingerie product sales in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan from 01.07.2014

| Source: Silvano Fashion Group

Tallinn, 2014-02-19 18:11 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With reference to the information released in international media on the enforcement of the Technical Regulations applicable to the production and sales of lingerie products in the Unified Customs Area of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Silvano Fashion Group announces the following.

Production and sales of lingerie products in the territory of Unified Customs Area (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) is regulated by the technical regulations ("On the safety of the light industry products, TP TC 017/2011"). The named regulations, amongst other areas, stipulate the safety features for lingerie products and fabrics used for the manufacturing of lingerie products. In line with the regulations, the standards are set for the products' air permeability and hygroscopicity. Until 01.07.2014, the producers are allowed to produce and sell products that do not meet the above set standards. As from 01.07.2014, only products in conformity with the regulations can be produced and sold in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Milavitsa (Belarus) and Lauma Lingerie (Latvia), companies belonging to Silvano Fashion Group, already own the certificates of conformity with the given standard (TP TC 017/2011). Therefore the published news do not have any economic impact on the production and sales of lingerie products of Silvano Fashion Group before and after the 01.07.2014 deadline.

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