IT – Mandatory conformance changes for trading and clearing applications (19/14)

| Source: Derivatives

In order to improve market quality NASDAQ OMX Nordic Derivatives is implementing mandatory conformance changes for all trading and clearing applications. With this change, trading and clearing applications shall be able to receive intraday added series including tailor made combination using broadcasts, as explained in conformance test document,  allowing members to display and trade intraday added products.

These improvements are made to support recent changes to the market model whereby a List on Request service has been introduced allowing for additional option series to be listed intraday. The launch of the Tailor Made Combination functionality as of March 17, 2014 will allow for combination series to be added intraday.

All applications should be conformed no later than June 19th, 2014. Please contact Technical Support to schedule a conformance test and for additional information regarding conformance or support.

Mandatory conformance testing for external OMnet applications
Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and members with in-house developed applications are required to conform their applications according to the scenario B15 for trading applications and CO7 for clearing applications that is described in the conformance test cases for genium inet document.

Technical Documentation attached to IT-Notice
Tailor Made Combinations.pdf
OMnet Message Reference.pdf

For questions or comments, please contact:
Technical Support
+46 8 405 6750

Charlie Holmgren
+46 8 405 6944

Per Wettergren
+46 8 405 6382