Additional trading sessions for the UK Power - Market EUK (Electricity UK GBP) 10/14

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities

The purpose of this IT-Notice is to advice ISVs members with technical interfaces to ensure they have readiness and functionality to support multiple trading sessions.

NASDAQ OMX Commodities will introduce one additional trading session for the UK Power market.  The new trading session will not have any impact for the end users. ISV’s and members with technical interfaces are however reminded to ensure they have readiness and functionality to support multiple trading sessions per day.

This change is expected to be implemented at the time of upgrade to version 4.0201, scheduled for the weekend 15-16 March, 2014 with launch on March 17th

The benefits are to decrease risk of manual errors in the supervision of the Market Makers. By adding extra trading sessions will enable us to automate the manual routines and documentations.

This configuration is available in for test in Genium INET External Test System 4 (Ext4)
EXT4 is available for test every workday from 08.00 to 15.00 CET until go live. The maintenance window is between 06.00-1200 CET each Wednesday.

For further information, please contact Member and Market Readiness Technical contact:
Kestan Hasan, +46 8 405 6621

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