It is proposed to elect Torbjörn Magnusson to Topdanmark's Board of Directors

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4 March 2014
Announcement No. 04/2014

At the Annual General Meeting on 10 April 2014 Topdanmark's Board of Directors will propose election of Torbjörn Magnusson, CEO of If, as a new member of Topdanmark's Board of Directors. 

With reference to the Board of Director's proposal for election of Torbjörn Magnusson, Michael Pram Rasmussen, Chairman of Topdanmark's Board of Directors, says:

"If is Topdanmark's largest shareholder holding a stake of 25.2% with voting rights of 28.3%. The Board of Directors must protect the interests of all shareholders and finds it natural that If wants to be represented on the Board”.

I would like to welcome Torbjörn Magnusson on Topdanmark's Board of Directors and look forward to continuing our work to create value for shareholders, customers and employees. Topdanmark's strategy has remained unchanged since the mid 1990's. This is the strategy in which If has bought a share, and the Board of Directors has no intention of changing it", says Michael Pram Rasmussen.

"If the Board of Directors is elected as proposed, it will elect an unchanged chairmanship from among its members immediately after the AGM, i.e. me as Chairman and Søren Thorup Sørensen as Deputy Chairman", concludes Michael Pram Rasmussen. 

At the Annual General Meeting on 10 April 2014 the Board of Directors will propose election of:

  • Anders Colding Friis
  • Torbjörn Magnusson
  • Birgitte Nielsen
  • Michael Pram Rasmussen
  • Annette Sadolin
  • Søren Thorup Sørensen

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