Brazilian Fidely’s Invests in Cash Handling from Gunnebo

| Source: Gunnebo AB
Brazilian cash-in-transit company, Fidely’s, has invested in cash handling
solutions from Gunnebo.
As part of Fidely’s strategic business development, the Brazilian-based CIT
-company has decided to invest in front-office deposit cash handling solutions
from Gunnebo. Fidely’s will include the products in their solution offering to
small and medium-sized retailers across Brazil.

The partnership with Gunnebo regarding the supply of front office cash handling
solutions is an important part of their strategy to create long-term
partnerships with their end customers.

“This order is very important to us since Fidely’s is a long-term player on the
Brazilian market for CIT,” comments Tomas Wängberg, SVP Region Americas at
Gunnebo. “Fidely’s chose Gunnebo as a partner for cash handling solutions since
they found our offering the best in Latin America.”

The solution Gunnebo has delivered allows for secure and efficient cash deposits
at the till. It increases security in the retail environment since it minimises
the risk of robbery. It also reduces the time spent on cash management and
prevents counterfeit notes being accepted.

Gunnebo Brazil is a market leader in solutions for loss prevention (electronic
article surveillance and CCTV) to retailers in Brazil as well as other markets
in Latin America. Cash handling was successfully introduced to the Brazilian
market in 2013.

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