Finnair’s Annual Report and Corporate Governance Statement for 2013 published

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Finnair Plc. Stock Exchange Release 5 March 2014 12:35  EET

Finnair has published its Annual Report today and it is available digitally (PDF
format) at The Annual Report includes the Report of the
Board of Directors, the Group Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report and
Finnair’s Corporate Governance Statement for 2013. The Annual Report is also
prepared according to G3 disclosure guidelines established by the Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI). Shareholders, investors, analysts, media, customers,
employees, other interested stakeholders and the general public at large
comprise the report’s intended audience.

Annual Report integrates financial and sustainability reporting

Encompassing objectives of what were previously published as separate Financial
and Sustainability Reports, the 2013 Annual Report measures and accounts for the
financial, economic, social and environmental performance of the Finnair Group,
and identifies and explains the strategic business ramifications of this

“Finnair has a duty to continually engage with stakeholders, and its annual
report is an important venue for detailed information and forthright analysis
relating to the company’s performance,” says Finnair CEO Pekka Vauramo. “The
report is also an opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of Finnair’s
operations in respect to broader social, commercial or regulatory trends.”

Topics covered in detail in the Annual Report include Finnair’s strategy,
product development, fleet, network, and socio-economic footprint in society.
Finnair has reported on environmental sustainability since 1997, and in 2008
became one of the first airlines to report according to GRI guidelines. The GRI,
formed with the support of the United Nations Environment Program, is the most
widely recognised international authority on sustainability reporting.

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