Upgrade of SAPRI Trade client in the member test environment Wednesday 12th March

| Source: N2EX

The planned installation of the SAPRI Trade client in the test environment has been postponed to Wednesday 12th March, at 15:00 GMT.

Member Testing

The planned test auctions have been moved accordingly, and Members will be free to carry out any necessary testing in the test environment from 13th March onwards. N2EX will host a series of three test auctions each day between the 13th March and 20th March on the times below, where we encourage all market participants to participate.

Testing schedule May 13th – 20th
09:30 (results published at 10:00)
12:30 (results published at 13:00)
14:30 (results published at 15:00)


N2EX would like to offer training to all N2EX members via bilateral meetings or WebEx sessions. The training should take no longer than one hour and can be arranged by emailing your account manager Emma McKiernan emk@npspot.com


Release Date - 31st March 2014

Installation in production environment is planned to take place 31st March 2014.


For further information, please contact:

N2EX Trading Operations,

tel +44 207 065 8140/+47 6710 9190,