Nomination Committee proposal for Kungsleden's Board of Directors

| Source: Kungsleden AB
Kungsleden AB's (publ) Nomination Committee is proposing that the Annual General
Meeting (AGM) 2014 elects Charlotte Axelsson and Liselotte Hjorth as new Board
members. In addition, the Nomination Committee is proposing re-election of the
current Board members Joachim Gahm, Lars Holmgren, Göran Larsson, Kia Orback
Pettersson and Charlotta Wikström. Göran Larsson is also being proposed for
election as Chairman of the Board.
Magnus Fernqvist and Peter Gustafson have notified the Nomination Committee that
they are not available for re-election.

Charlotte Axelsson is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vasallen and AFF
-forum and Board member of BWG Homes, a company listed on the Oslo stock
exchange. She has been CEO at HSB Stockholm, Svenska Bostäder i Stockholm,
Familjebostäder i Stockholm and SEB Arsenalen. She has also acted Deputy Finance
Secretary at Stockholms stad and has had a number of Board assignments within
HSB, Stockholms stad, Statens fastighetsverk and Akademiska Hus, among others.

Liselotte Hjorth is Board member of Riksgälden and the German-Swedish Chamber of
Commerce. Until the autumn of 2013 she was a member of the Group Management of
SEB AG in Germany with specific responsibility for the commercial real estate
clients of SEB Group. She has also been Group Credit Officer and member of the
Group Management of SEB in Sweden, partner of Enskilda Corporate Finance and
stock market analyst at Fjärde AP-fonden.

The members of Kungsleden's Nomination Committee are Göran Larsson (nominated by
Gösta Welandson and companies, also Chairman of the Board of Directors), Eva
Gottfridsdotter-Nilsson (nominated by Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning, also
Chairman of the Nomination Committee), Charlotta Wikström (nominated by Olle
Florén and companies) and Martin Jonasson (nominated by Andra AP-fonden).

The Nomination Committee’s complete proposals for resolutions by the AGM 2014,
more information on the proposed Board members and a report on the work of the
Nomination Committee will be presented by no later than in tandem with the
publication of the invitation to the AGM.
For more information, please contact:

Eva Gottfridsdotter-Nilsson, Chairman of Kungsleden’s Nomination Committee | +46
(0)73 964 2957 |
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