Suspension of the Spot & Prompt Markets – 1st April – Information for N2EX Members

| Source: N2EX

On the 4th March, NASDAQ OMX Commodities and Nord Pool Spot announced that the N2EX Spot & Prompt markets are to be suspended, effective from 1st April 2014. 

Exchange Message:

Please see below for further information on changes to trading instrument availability within CONDICO and associated documents as a result:


  • Delisting of Spot & Prompt Trading Instruments

Spot & Prompt trading instruments will be phased out prior to the suspension of the Spot & Prompt markets.

A full overview of the instrument series, including last trading times for each instrument, is attached to this message.

  • N2EX Rulebook changes

Nord Pool Spot & Nasdaq OMX will make the necessary changes to the Trading Rulebook and Clearing Rulebooks to reflect the closure of the N2EX Prompt Market and the suspension of the N2EX Spot market.

Members will be informed as soon as the new rulebooks are available on the N2EX website.

  • The CONDICO Platform

The CONDICO Trade platform will become inactive from 1st April. Plans for the launch of a new intraday trading platform will be announced by Nord Pool Spot at a future date.


NB. This change will not impact CONDICO clearing or SAPRI Trade


For further information, please contact:

N2EX Trading Operations,

tel +44 207 065 8140/+47 6710 9190,